This is where I share stuff from some of my various interests and hobbies.

I enjoy most sports and have competed in a few different ones both regionally and nationally.

Phantom dinghy starting to capsize - Jonathan Pulfer

Dinghy sailing

Sailing is a major passion of mine and for a number of years I raced a Phantom dinghy.

This is a fast single handed hiking dinghy. It's a real handful and has a huge grin factor on a reach. It also seems to have a fairly vindictive nature and made several attempts to drown me as well as generally injure me. Definitely demands respect and seems to get jealous easily when time and attention are lacking ...


As a teen I joined my father and brother riding bikes. I raced in a few different disciplines (grass, time-trial and later road-racing) and have also ridden some interesting mountain passes. Going up mountains is hard work and tiring but the downhill part definitely makes it worth the effort.

Jonathan Pulfer cycling up the last ramp of the galibier